2 September 2010

The Governor General's choice

Elizabeth O'Shea

"My advice to the Governor General is much simpler: do whatever you like. It may come as some surprise to those who have not read our Constitution, but Quentin Bryce has a prerogative power which can be exercised at her whim."

"So what do we take from all this? Our democracy is fragile and relies heavily on conventions rather than strict enforceable rules. But equally such conventions make the system responsive to the political trends of the day. For Quentin Bryce, the conclusion is that any personal conflicts of interest are completely irrelevant and whilst she may be wise to accept Paul Kelly's advice, ultimately, she can do whatever she likes."

Elizabeth O'Shea is responsible for Maurice Blackburn's Social Justice practice working on cases which address issues of community concern and further the public good.
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Ture Sjolander :

02 Sep 2010 12:24:45pm

Why would G-G take your "advice" when she did not take my advice of the 28 of July, widely published, to postpone the election.
The reason given to her was very motivated and my prediction of the current "Stale-mate", Hung Parliament I publicly stated repeatedly even at an earlier date of 24 of July.

Paul Kelly read it and so many more so called trusted people in Australia.


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