Liberals reneging on spirit of reform: Oakeshott

By Elizabeth Byrne

Updated September 21, 2010 07:06:00

"There is a little bit of sour grapes there in terms of not getting the backing of Rob Oakeshott to form government, so this may be a little bit of payback in a sense," he said.

First posted September 21, 2010 06:34:00

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Ture Sjolander:

21 Sep 2010 8:43:52am

  • Dividing the country, dividing the people is what fascists are good at.

    The people of Australia will soon again warn you, if you don't work together - dirty Libs and Labs- we will fire you for good.

    The Australian News Media should be temporary banned.
    Bad, malicious comedians, that is what they are!!
    It is all reflecting: Australia Right Place, Wrong People.
    Politics without Culture is not even above "Footy".

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  • Ture Sjolander:

    21 Sep 2010 9:02:51am

    Do one need to behave like rats in a gangland to get a seat in the parliament?
    The merits to be a MP has to be re-assessed.

    I have never ever seen so many untalented, ugly and uncultivated characters in one single place like as in the Australian Parliament.

    Clean up this place urgently and get the "dogs" out or we will get civil unrest.

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