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Aug 05, 2010


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Wonderful interview. Labor needs you back as Leader Kevin. I was horrified as were many many others by the cruelty shown by Gillard and the 'faceless men' who need to be named. I do know two of them and if they were in my electorate, they would not get my vote. I am not as understanding as you Kevin. After the 2007 election I was delighted to be rid of Howard. I believed you were working towards the future - not just to the next election, - what happened, you obviously upset the faceless men and so you had to go. Good luck Kevin and may the Labor party realise their mistake and get you back.

Ture Sjolander

Emma Rogers did not publish my comment on my suggestion:

"The Governor General has to postpone the Federal Election 2010"
Neither of the two main political parties of English Speaking background do not represent the majority of the Australian No-English-Speaking background citizens.

The main Australian News Media owners walking hand in hand like brother's in crime with the Poll operators. Any Australian citizen shall not accept a PM chosen and appointed by the Australian political biased media.

If the Labor Party is described as a communist party by the Coalition the Liberal Party would be a Fascist Party of Australia.
The election need to be postponed urgently until all frustrated Australians get a chance to consider the real and current Australian population composition.


Wonderful stuff Kevin, you had me in tears. Looks like a deal then? Foreign Minister? I wonder if Stephen Smith has been consulted about this? You know what they say in the military, never be away from base when the rotten postings come in. I'm not so sure about the lady in Kev's story about being terrified about Workchoices coming back (I thought that was a dead cat) but I do know about a real old lady up the road that was genuinely petrified when, thanks to Kev and Julia, her house caught fire.

Mark from Adelaide

......."I do know about a real old lady up the road that was genuinely petrified when, thanks to Kev and Julia, her house caught fire........"

A most un-worthy and unfair comment John.........you know perfectly well that the Govt. provided the stimulus funding for the insulation programme..........they did not install the batts. They quite reasonably left that to the insulation businesses who (in some cases).........did a shonky job.

Your comment suggests that any injuries, fatalities and/or damage that occurs in any Govt funded project are caused by the politicians who introduce the project.

Get a hold of yourself and just take a minute to consider the ramifications of your silly comment..............


Campaign changing moment? In part I hope it is. Here is a desperate man (quite like Gillard at the moment) who has one purpose, to remain in a position of power to some degree. His UN job has not come to fruition (a part time role on a panel is nothing to gloat about) and he would not want to be a backbencher in a Labor opposition, hence he has to tow the company line (or has been pressured too) to get a ministorial role. It just shows the misplaced ego of the man and the Labor party - to suggest Abbott would be PM as default not only is one of the most arrogant things I have heard in this election but also disrespectful to the voting public. He is still continuing the condescending, bullying language that has alienated his party and anyone with a soul. Wake up and smell the coffee Kevin, you ran an incompetent and flawed government, please disappear and do harm elsewhere.

newstime2010 Ture Sjolander

Ban rugby (so called "Footy" among the inbred) in Australian politics!
It is "revolting" if anything is.
Federal Election is not a Tour de France.

Cancel the election until new candidates will be born. Australia need a new generation of cultivated human beings.

Gerard Francis Stapleton

Why are the current crop of ABC journalists not asking the hard questions ?On both sides of the political debate. for example, How much will it cost to fix the "Pink Bats" fiasco, What is the total cost of the BER campaign allocated to the NSW State Government Education Department for overpriced and inadequate school buildings. Why are $50.00 cheques turning up in peoples accounts in exchange for unrequested Claims for climate assessments. How can a government pilfer $300 Million from Medibank Private' s contingency fund, this is surely how our our state governments have ambushed government instrumentalities in their respective states. If they cannot ask the investigative questions then bring back the kids who questioned the then PM at old parliament house

Lyle McLean CPEng FIEAust

I am sick of the federal government being blamed for the house fires and deaths related to the pink bats program. The employers had a duty to properly train their staff on how to safely install the insulation and to make their employees aware of the hazards of working in a confined space with electrical wires. Tye goverment can't be everywhere saving us from ourselves.

When I started work as an engineering trainee 45 years ago the first training we received was in safe work practises. It was the same with every company I worked during my career, in Australia and many overseas countries. Everyone knows you don't take risks working around electricity. Since we were childeren our parents warned us repeatedly of the dangers associated with electricity. I can not believe anyone of employable age would need to be told its dangerous to work around electrical wires and to fail take due care.

Unfortunately we live in a Nanny State and expect our governments to provide perfect systems that will keep us safe from ourselves.

Our best protection is to exercise common sense and to take responsibility for our actions. Sadly common sense seems to be in short supply these days.


Why do we only have comments that mention other people who have problems with the insulation? I would like to hear from people who were worried enough to get the insulation checked. I would like to hear from people who are so scared that they had the insulation removed. How many took the time to inspect their ceilings. Innuendo and second hand stories mean little. I believe most of the 1.3 million have no worries about the insulation in their roofs. We signed contacts to have the work done. Surely, most took the time to check whether the company they contacted with was safe. The installers are to blame for unsafe work practices and dangerous installation. The government quickly took steps to regulate the unregulated industry when it became aware of the lack of safety. Fires and deaths have occurred since the industry began over fifty years ago. . I personally would like to see investigation in the electricity standards in our homes. Most incidents appear to involve faulty and dangerous electricity standards in the homes.


you make a very good point Mr Ms Mrs Miss or just plain fehowarth

i'll be checking my 30 years old house electrical safety in full

thank you

Mark from Adelaide

BREAKING NEWS:............I've just been watching/listening to a REAL debate on population.............

Tony Burke (Minister for Sustainable Population) and Scott Morrison (Shadow Spokesman on Immigration) went head to head and laid out their respective party policies.........wow!!

Give me more.............PLEASE!!


Ture Sjolander, what ARE you talking about? "the majority of the Australian No-English-Speaking background citizens" Who are you to decide there is a single non-english voice?

Perhaps you should go back to Scandinavia, and try out your thoughts there? Where is the party for english-speaking peoples in Sweden or Norway or Denmark? What? There isn't one? What a surprise...


Gerard because you asked for hard questions for both sides of politics here are a few more examples:
What productivity/competitive loss do you expect from abondoning the NBN?
How will you pay for the Parental Leave Scheme?
Without the proposed increase to superannuation what plans does the coalition have to fund the pension requirements of an aging Australia?

Ture Sjolander

Elise! That's right!
There isn't one in Sweden either!
Sweden have the same kinda Democratic Monarchy Fascism as in Australia.

Maybe I will be deported from Australia if I don't make a name change and take a British name or reject to watch "Footy" on TV?
You can call me Mark if you like!
"I'm Australia, not just an Australian citizen" - Ture Sjölander
I have chosen to live here in Australia, not just born here by an accident.


"I'm Australia, not just an Australian citizen" - Ture Sjolander

Now there is an expansive statement! You are Australia?!!!

And not by accident? Which means what, exactly? More right to judge, perhaps?


Not all the men were faceless....Mr Lightweight, Wayne Swan took centre stage, prancing about with Julia before and after the 'coup'.

How somebody can be shoulder to shoulder with their mate and boss, duking it out one day and then jump the fence the next is beyond me...no ticker and not fit for any kind of office.

No doubt though Mr Karma will pay him a visit sometime.


Kevin Rudd's interview was forgiving and gracious, but also focussed on much LARGER policy issues rather than petty party politics. Courageous response, and wiser than Whitlam after his defeat.

I reckon that larger vision is why Rudd was elected in 2007, and that is why he had stratospheric approval ratings for so long. When he abandoned one of his core policies for the sake of political expediency, on the advice of lesser beings, the ratings nose-dived. It has not improved for Julia who has continued the political expediency.

It would appear that the electorate prefers leaders with vision and conviction?

It is easy to imagine that Rudd's broader visionary outlook would not mesh well with the union heavies in the back rooms of the ALP. Julia and Wayne may get on better with the backroom heavies, and provide a polished public face for them, but will they may be remembered by history in the same way?

Rudd managed to keep us from noticing the background static for almost 3 years. Perhaps what the knifing has done, is remind us about the years of ALP in-fighting and factionalism, which is what kept them in opposition for so long?

Paul Dixon

I tip my hat to Mr Adams. Last night's interview was surely one of the 10 biggest stories to hit the media this year, and Mr Adams refrained from any promotion whatsoever of this event.

The People alone constitute a nation, even if it only was a shopping center with an airport, like Singapore.

That little "perhaps", is cute. Exactly!


KRudd is back. Oh no, more convoluted language and boring overly long speeches. I can already hear people falling off their chairs. Obviously, Labor put in a quick call to Paul House and Mark Arbib to check it was OK with them if Rudd was rolled out as heavy artillery in support of the GillRudd team.

Just an idea, could you have spared us all from this unduly hasty election by Rudd and Gillard discussing their differences in a normal civilised manner and had an election later in the year? It would have spoilt Laurie Oakes scoops but I am sure it would have been a far better way to handle things.

Elise, enjoy your blogging with Ture Sjolander. Now share your toys and no fighting.

Ture Sjolander

Everybody could have known that this was the deal between Rudd and Gillard that very day. I did know, and documented it on the Internet 24 June. He was not "ousted" or anything like that. His gall problems was widely known a year ago. It did not get better after all the aggression from Abbott so he needed a break and consequently a surgery. I said publicly (published same date) that he shall be back. Here he is!
Wherever you go, there you are.

Time shall tell if it is good or bad.

What do you think?
Well....um...not that bad!