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  • TURE SJOLANDER prediction May/June 2010
Gillard becomes Australia's new PM
Thu, Jun 24 2010
Australia gets first woman PM
Jun 23, 2010 8:23pm EDT

Rudd should be recognized for the courage of his convictions, his Mandarin-speaking proficiency and professionalism – that he lacked ‘niceness’ should not have been a political trigger for his ousting. Gillard will be an historical PM, not only for her ‘firsts,’ but for her ability to ‘read’ and act on priority issues and to stay true to who she is.

Jun 24, 2010 9:30am EDT

Julia Gillard is a formidable caretaker up to the election, and Kevin Rudd shall be back in his harness by the end of this year, as he deserve, like the country does.

You wanna bet?

A little rest and a removal of the gallbladder, everything will get back on track again.

The next Super Mega Tax should be on the Australian News Media, political advertising and to a certain degree the shady Poll agency firms.

This Tax would serve the Australian People’s mental health.

The real “assassins” of Kevin Rudd was Herald Sun, Sydney Morning Herald, ABC Television, The Australian, AFP and The Age.

Horrible Australian News Media !!!

Ture Sjolander

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Jun 24, 2010 9:34am EDT

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Aug 05, 2010


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Emma Rogers did not publish my comment on my suggestion:

"The Governor General has to postpone the Federal Election 2010"
Neither of the two main political parties of English Speaking background do not represent the majority of the Australian No-English-Speaking background citizens.

The main Australian News Media owners walking hand in hand like brother's in crime with the Poll operators. Any Australian citizen shall not accept a PM chosen and appointed by the Australian political biased media.

If the Labor Party is described as a communist party by the Coalition the Liberal Party would be a Fascist Party of Australia.
The election need to be postponed urgently until all frustrated Australians get a chance to consider the real and current Australian population composition.


Ban rugby (so called "Footy" among the inbred) in Australian politics!
It is "revolting" if anything is.
Federal Election is not a Tour de France.

Cancel the election until new candidates will be born. Australia need a new generation of cultivated human beings.


That's right!
There isn't one in Sweden either!
Sweden have the same kinda Democratic Monarchy Fascism as in Australia.

Maybe I will be deported from Australia if I don't make a name change and take a British name or reject to watch "Footy" on TV?
You can call me Mark if you like!
"I'm Australia, not just an Australian citizen" - Ture Sjölander
I have chosen to live here in Australia, not just born here by an accident.


The People alone constitute a nation, even if it only was a shopping center with an airport, like Singapore.

That little "perhaps", is cute. Exactly!

Everybody could have known that this was the deal between Rudd and Gillard that very day. I did know, and documented it on the Internet 24 June. He was not "ousted" or anything like that. His gall problems was widely known a year ago. It did not get better after all the aggression from Abbott so he needed a break and consequently a surgery. I said publicly (published same date) that he shall be back. Here he is!
Wherever you go, there you are.

Time shall tell if it is good or bad.

What do you think?
Well....um...not that bad!


       ELECTIONS 2010