Aug 21, 2010 8:41am EDT

76.000 new documents is expected to be handed over to European Union, International Court in Hague and to the United Nations for assessments before the Pentagon get them.

The basic question shall stay despite the irrelevant news story published about the individual Mr. Assange.
It is two completely different legal matters in accordance to the Swedish law as well as to international law.

NEWSTIME2010 Ture Sjolander

Aug 21, 2010 8:52am EDT

What exactly is the thresh hold of evidence required by the Swedish National Prosecutor’s office before such serious allegations are released to the public?

How do we know that no attempt has been made to contact Mr. Assange by Swedish authorities?

Will Mr. Assange have recourse to damages from anyone, if these allegations turn out to be false, and against whom can they be made?

This story raises many unanswered questions, many that should have been answered before releasing this story and certainly provided by this Swedish National Agency.

HistoryTechDoc Report As Abusive

Aug 21, 2010 9:46am EDT

There NO existing law in Sweden to compensate a person after being publicly accused and defamed caused by the Swedish government or National Agencies.

Evidence required before arresting a person in Sweden are minimal.

Ice cold Facts!!!

NEWSTIME2010 Ture Sjolander

Aug 21, 2010 8:05pm EDT

Not even a Swedish Nobel Prize could now compensate the international defamation and the destruction of Mr. Assange’s name and person after such world wide publicity caused and orchestrated by the Swedish Government’s national authorities.

The legislation in Sweden do not pay any compensation for defamation only a small amount of money for the days a falsely arrested person are in police custody.

“Royal Fascistic Democracy” should be the name of states like Sweden, in regard to this case.
The magnitude of the international publicity of this story will never ever go away for Mr Assange no matter how much the the news media will publish from now on. And that will not be much because that is how media works, always.

The federal election in Sweden is 19 September and both political main parties have never shown any interest to change the legislation for compensation falsely arrested people.
The Swedish Royal family is above the Law.
Sweden is not a democracy!

NEWSTIME2010 Ture Sjolander

Aug 22, 2010 9:11am EDT

Have they revoked the dropping of the arrest warrant too, and issued a new arrest warrant again?
They can do that, back and forward, over and over again.
The Swedish police force works like that.

Is this just another elegant action from Assange to show how the news media works.

Actually this whole media story should be published as a bestselling book 2010 and all the fantastic comments one can read all over the world media. It shows an even more scary world than the War Logs.
The book would now be much bigger than the bible. Many volumes more!

NEWSTIME2010 Ture Sjolander 

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